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An alternative approach to untangle the complexity of personal finance.

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Tired of boring, outdated expense trackers and spreadsheets that leave you feeling lost and overwhelmed?

Say hello to UntangledFi, the app that takes personal finance to the next level. We don't just give you tools – we give you guidance.

With UntangledFi, you'll get personalized recommendations and insights that help you understand exactly what to look for and how to manage your finances like a pro.

We'll help you untangle the complexities of personal finance and get you on the path to financial freedom.

Whether you're looking to pay off debt, save for a rainy day, or invest for your future, UntangledFi has got you covered.

Everything you need to take control of your finances

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Giving the right purpose to your money

You need to diversify your income into multiple buckets - investments, essentials, travel, personal growth, entertainment, and emergency funds.

  • Income diversification

    Based on a formula crafted for your needs. Invest your money wisely that does more for you.

  • Practical budgeting

    Build flexible budget that allows you effortlessly track your spending and stick to a budget.

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Understanding what to track

A lot of people try to track every dollar and end up giving after a few days.

  • Identify what to track

    Learn how to track a few things that affect your goals without any stress.

  • Get Actionable Insights

    Understand where your money is going. Which part of your lifestyle is taking a toll on your paycheck?

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Invest in yourself

Yes, it's not always about saving. By prioritizing self-care, and investing in your hobbies and personal development you can achieve a more happy life.

  • Setup your personal growth bucket

    Understand how to allocate and apply funds for your personal growth.

  • Guilt free spending

    Tie your impulse purchases to your goals, such as going to the gym for 90 days, and reward yourself guilt-free..

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Embrace your relapses

Financial planning is boring and it requires constant attention. It's important to filter the right information and keep taking small steps that helps building good habits

  • Stay on top your financial goals

    Manage and monitor your finances occasionally at your convince.

The key to unlocking your Personal Finance

We have built an app that takes you on a journey to master financial discipline, building small habits one at a time and focusing on a few key things to help you effortlessly become better at managing your personal finances.

What else?

The important aspect is the journey you will be a part of.

  • Create multiple buckets for savings, investments and more
  • Manage your debt
  • Understand the implications of taxes related with your finance
  • Set financial goals
  • Track recurring and one-off expenses
  • Put your finance on autopilot

100% Secure

We respect your privacy and won't even connect to the internet without your permission. We don't auto search your SMS or read bank statements like other apps.

No ads!

We prioritize your privacy and do not engage in the selling of your data. We believe that when you pay for a service, that is exactly what you should receive - without any strings attached.


We built this app with people like you in mind - because we understand the challenges of managing personal finances.

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